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Without the aid of a qualified health insurance agent, small business owners, as well as individuals, face difficult challenges finding the right health insurance protection.


NEW Telemedicine Plan Options

Millions of Americans are using a telemedicine service to get 24/7 access to licensed doctors for a variety of general-health, dermatological, psychological, and other medical issues.  We offer individuals and businesses a variety of telemed plan options, most of which can be used with regular health insurance coverage for additional savings.

Most telemed consultations cost $59 or less, and many insurance plans will help you pay some of the cost of a consultation.  Not sure of whether telemed can work for you? 

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Let me help you find the best healthcare plan to fit your needs.



Let health insurance agent Marilyn Nichols help you find the right health insurance plan for your budget and healthcare needs.

What do individuals, business owners, and their employees have in common?  Time is their most valuable and limited resource.  The time investment it takes to understand complex healthcare benefits options and regulations can quickly result in diminishing returns. It’s time to find a health insurance plans that benefits you. Get started here.


Choosing a supplemental health care plan for your small business can be difficult. Health insurance broker Marilyn Nichols can help you find the right plan.

Most healthcare plans help to pay for basic medical needs like annual exams, hospitalizations, and vaccinations.  But many health insurance plans don’t provide comprehensive coverage. Let me help you choose the best supplemental healthcare plan for you and your employees. Explore your options here.


If you need help navigating the Medicare enrollment process, Marilyn Nichols is a health insurance and Medicare expert that can help you figure it out.

Turning 65? While most Americans automatically become eligible for Medicare plans once they are 65 years old, many don’t realize that enrolling in Medicare—without incurring penalties—requires making important choices weeks, or even months, before they become eligible.  I can help you decipher the “alphabet soup” of Medicare plans. Get help here.


Marilyn Nichols can help you and your employer figure out how to best use your tax-advantaged benefits and get the most out of your health insurance plan.

Deciphering tax code takes more than time.  The average employee and employer won’t have the time to become an expert in Internal Revenue Code Section 125 and Section 105. Learn how to use tax-advantaged benefits to your advantage. A free tax savings analysis is available too.  Learn more here.

As a business owner, I cannot be an expert on health insurance. Time is a priceless commodity and with that, Marilyn took the time to get to know me and not put my business in a ‘box.’ She helped me understand the nightmare of the Market Place and provided alternative benefits options for my employees that met our budget and our needs. If you want to work with a  broker who delivers on what they promise, then work with Marilyn! 

Jerri Dawn Pulido, Owner of the Goddard School

Vision Care for Live Vision Insurance

VSP Vision Care

Your eyes and eye-health come first with Vision Service Plans (VSP).  VSP is the only not-for-profit vision care company in the country and is committed to delivering savings on quality eye care.

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Delta Dental Supplemental Insurance

It’s easier than ever to get affordable dental coverage through Delta Dental! Delta Dental offers four types of plans which cover a wide array of services with no exclusions for most preexisting conditions. Preventative care is covered at low or no cost to you! Click the logo or the button below to get started filling out your application!

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Delta Dental Supplemental Dental Insurance
Marilyn Nichols is a health insurance broker in Kansas City that can guide you through alternatives for insurance coverage since the ACA deadline has passed.

Has the ACA deadline passed? Are you still needing coverage and do not have a qualifying event? 

We have a solution called Short Term Health Insurance.  It is intended to provide temporary and limited coverage but will save you from a financial hardship if something catastrophic happens.  Depending on when you enroll, you can receive coverage on the 1st or 15th of the month. Contact us to discuss your options today.



Why have an insurance broker when you can have a health insurance benefits concierge instead? 

Being a broker who is licensed in multiple states gives me the opportunity to serve healthcare clients across the nation. I work with clients in the Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.  Is there something I can do for you? Let me know! I look forward to talking with you and finding ways to better your business with the right health insurance benefits.