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Choosing the Right Supplemental Health Insurance

Find supplemental health insurance plans for yourself or for your business with the help of health insurance expert Marilyn Nichols.

Most healthcare plans help to pay for basic medical needs like doctor visits, hospitalizations, and prescription medications.  But many plans don’t provide comprehensive coverage.

Supplemental healthcare benefits can provide comprehensive coverage to help prevent a financial hardship.   

  • Wellness screenings, such as mammograms, cancer screenings, and cardiovascular stress tests.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, and prescriptions
  • Unexpected expenses for some medical emergencies and illnesses.

Dental and Vision plan options with links to submit an application are below. As always, I’m here to answer any questions.

Supplemental Health Insurance for Businesses

As a benefits concierge to large and mid-sized businesses, I help create supplemental health insurance benefits packages that make recruiting and retaining top talent easy.  Fringe benefits like supplemental health insurance can provide your employees and their families with additional coverage and communicate how vital their health and well-being are to your company.  Benefits for employees translate into benefits for your business.

Looking for a way to add value to your business by investing in the health of your workforce?  Let’s talk today about finding the best voluntary insurance options for your organization.

Individual Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

Some plans offered by employers or through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace lack the full medical coverage that you and your family need.  I work every day with individuals to find reliable, affordable access to individual and family health insurance plans that cover:

  • Dental and vision
  • Life and disability
  • Accidents
  • Critical illnesses

It has been a true pleasure working with Marilyn. She helped me (and other family members) get setup on the right health insurance plan for our needs. I love how Marilyn has kept in touch to see how I’m doing and she truly wants what’s best for her clients. Her service has been over the top and I don’t know many other professionals who will look into a health plan late at night when taking someone to the Emergency Room!

~ Dan Stanza, Owner at Good Earth Outdoor

NEW Telemedicine Plan Options

Millions of Americans are using a telemedicine service to get 24/7 access to licensed doctors for a variety of general-health, dermatological, psychological, and other medical issues.  We offer individuals and businesses a variety of telemed plan options, most of which can be used with regular health insurance coverage for additional savings.


Even if you don’t offer your employees health insurance coverage, you can help them maintain optimal health by providing a telemed program for them.  By giving them this option, you’re providing them with access to medical, psychological, and other specialized medical care and investing in their well-being.  No matter what your recruitment and retention budget, I can help you find a telemed service at a cost you can afford.  Time is your most valuable resource for ensuring the health of your business, so don’t wait to contact me for a consultation about which telemed plan is best for your employees and for your bottom line.

Download the telemed overview here.

For Individuals:

Have you ever put off going to the doctor because you haven’t been able to take a day off work?  Ever woken up in the middle of the night with a medical concern but haven’t wanted to pay higher co-pays at urgent care or the emergency room?  By being enrolled in a telemed program, you can save time and avoid the unexpectedly high co-pays that you’d normally have to pay to see a doctor for an in-person office appointment.  

Contact me today to find out which telemed plans can give you the benefits you need at a cost you can afford.

Most health insurance plans don’t include vision coverage. Marilyn Nichols recommends VSP for supplemental coverage for vision care.

VSP Vision Care

Your eyes and eye-health come first with Vision Service Plans (VSP).  VSP is the only not-for-profit vision care company in the country and is committed to delivering savings on quality eye care.

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Delta Dental Supplemental Insurance

It’s easier than ever to get affordable dental coverage through Delta Dental! Delta Dental offers two types of plans which cover a wide array of services with no exclusions for most preexisting conditions. Preventative care is covered at low or no cost to you! Click the logo or the button below to get started filling out your application!

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Get supplemental dental coverage not included in your healthcare plan from Delta Dental through Marilyn Nichols, health insurance broker.

Our law firm discovered Marilyn through a networking group several years ago. Since that time, she has helped our firm with all of our insurance needs that we provide to our employees. Marilyn is excellent at keeping in touch and following up with any questions we have had. I would highly recommend her to friends, family and small businesses.

~ Laura Webb, Office Manager at Hoffmeister, Doherty & Webb, LLC

If you’re interested in learning more about the added security that supplemental healthcare benefits can provide, contact me for a consultation!  I can help you find options from providers such as Colonial Life to meet your insurance coverage needs.