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Health Insurance Benefits that Work for You

Marilyn Nichols is your health care concierge to help individuals and businesses navigate through choosing health insurance benefits, including the Affordable Care Act.

What do all individuals, business owners, and their employees have in common?  Time is their most valuable and limited resource.

The time it takes to fully understand all their healthcare benefits options and regulations can quickly result in a loss of time and money.  As your healthcare benefits concierge, I can provide you with expert health insurance advice to make sure that you and your business never miss an opportunity to take advantage of customizable health insurance benefits.

Looking for expert insight about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? We are certified Affordable Care Act (ACA) experts who can help you navigate the federal health insurance marketplace to find the best options for fostering a healthy workplace.

Healthcare Insurance Benefits for Businesses

The businesses I love working with take their workers’ health as seriously as the company’s bottom line because companies are only as healthy as their employees.  My passion is turning employers into heroes by finding employee insurance benefits options that improve employee retention and morale.

I can help you develop your company through savvy investment in your employees’ healthcare benefits.  Working together, we can create customized benefits packages that make your company’s values and goals clear to your current and future employees.  I regularly guide businesses of all sizes with choices related to:

  • Providing supplemental insurance benefits that bridge the gaps between premiums and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Finding healthcare benefits investments that are cost-effective and that take advantage of all available premium tax credits
  • Customizing multi-tiered benefits choices for employees

Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to grow your existing organization, having a health insurance broker can help you make forward-thinking investments in your employees as they work to help you reach your business goals.

Individual Healthcare Insurance Options

The rewards for working with a health insurance broker to determine your best options for healthcare coverage are substantial.  As medical expenses continue to rise each year, employees, small-business owners, retirees, and those who are not currently in the workforce need a knowledgeable advocate who can find ways to keep healthcare costs affordable.

As an individual, you need a benefits concierge to help you find the best healthcare insurance options if:

  • Your job-based healthcare premiums do not meet the federal standards for affordability
  • You lose your healthcare insurance because of a change in employment
  • Your COBRA premiums are too high
  • You’re a small-business owner or self-employed
  • You’re eligible for government assistance and need help finding affordable health insurance options through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) at

Before you dive into the healthcare marketplace, let’s talk about your options and which healthcare benefits for business make the most sense for you.  I’m ready to help you navigate the waters with trustworthy advice!

Marilyn exhibits exceptional skills in the health insurance industry, helping small businesses provide health insurance plans for their employees. Her work serves her local community and supports the families of thousands of Kansas City residents. Professionalism, Integrity, and Responsibility are among many of the traits Marilyn employees in both her professional and personal life.

~ Jeff Meyers, Managing Partner at Meyers Wealth Management, LLC

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be confusing, but health insurance broker Marilyn Nichols can answer your questions and help you find the best health insurance plan.

ACA Open Enrollment and Qualifying Events

Businesses and individuals alike often come to me with questions about the ACA Open Enrollment Period.  Open Enrollment is a window of time during which people may enroll in a health insurance plan.  

You can still enroll in an ACA health insurance plan after the Open Enrollment Period has ended if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period because of what’s known as a qualifying event.  Such events include:

  • A change in employment status that leads to the loss of a Qualified Health Plan (QHP)
  • A change in marital status that affects eligibility for spousal health coverage

Open Enrollment deadlines and qualifications for healthcare plans outside of the ACA may differ.

Short-term health insurance policies are an alternative for those who don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period but who need coverage until the next Open Enrollment Period begins, or need expanded medical coverage.   I can find the best short-term plan to keep you healthy and safe at the greatest financial advantage to you.

No matter what your business or individual circumstances, I’m here to help you get the healthcare plans and coverage you need at the right price.  Contact me today to schedule a consultation with me as your benefits concierge.